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Tonearm Onyx

A New Acoustic Dimension

The ONYX tonearm is a product of exquisite design. Its technology enables the elimination of resonance yet provides high stability to a minimum of weight. 

Included in the package:

  • Tonearm without pickup

  • Setting tool

  • Template

  • Manual

All parts produced and assembled in Switzerland

Product Details

  • Three preloaded carbon rods eliminate resonance with maximal stability and minimal weight

  • The design enables a channel separated cable duct

  • Anti-Skating on a magnetical base

  • Headshell adjustable

  • Lift height adjustable

  • Counterweight adjustable

  • Chinch connectors (Optional: SME 5-pole)

The tonearm Onyx is a symbiosis of enormous strength and lightness. The horizontal and vertical bearings are both achieved by a self-centering, low friction design. The tonearm consists of 3 fine carbon rods which are pre-tensioned like an arrow bow. The anti-skating works with magnet force.

Optionally the Onyx tonearm can be equipped with a VTA adjustment system which allows fine tuning the VTA during playback of the record. The VTA offset can easily be read from a high precise analog display.

The Onyx tonearm is available with chinch connectors or SME plug.